We all have 24 hours yet some are rich and others are poor
What you do with your time determines whether you sleep sound on white sheets or on the floor with no sheets


10 Things You Should Do In 2019

1. Pursue something. Don’t walk in the entire 365 days without having something particular in mind to achieve. Start a building project, buy a car, pay some school fees, start some job. Just do something!

2. Walk with people wiser or stronger than you. In 2019, surround yourself with people who will inspire you, who will make you feel you can do better, who will challenge you on.

3. Check your dressing or appearance. Don’t put on ‘anything’ just because it covers your nakedness. Your appearance tells a lot about you. Iron your dress neatly. Don’t wear dresses in the name of fashion or trend . Wear more decent but fitting dresses. This is the slogan: Simple but Classy.

4. Check how you talk. Before you open your mouth, be mindful of who you are talking to, where you are talking, when you are talking and also know that your integrity is at stake. In every situation, choose silence over speech unless you don’t have any option.

5. Visit the less privilege show them that they are loved, old people’s home to appreciate them also orphanage and children in need of special care. Don’t let them feel unwanted or neglected in the scheme of things.

6. In 2019,be more prayerful. You can’t live your life thinking things occur merely logically. There’s a Supreme Being who makes things happen, pray to him.

7. In 2019,start thinking or planning towards doing more for humanity.

8. In 2019,always think Positive while being Realistic. While you’re praying to GOD for what you want, do your human part to achieve it. Do all you can and leave the rest for GOD.

9 . Buy gifts for your love ones. In 2019, try and do something for your parents no matter how “small”. You have no idea what goes on in their minds Let them feel you are not far off

10. In 2019, Invest more, save more, spend less.

Have a blissful year

Five Things You Need to Know Before 2019

1. New Year Resolutions
New year resolutions don’t make you a better person. Just because you told a bunch of people that “this year I won’t do blah blah blah,,,” Your commitment to that decision it what makes you a better person not the euphoria of the resolution. For worth is worth don’t make one because it is actually harder to keep through commitment made out of “in the now moment” than those made out of a strong and sincere conviction.

2. Think – Analyse – Strategize
Think open your mind to think, engage your mental capacity and stop sleeping on the couch. “I’m broke I’m broke” you’re broke because you cannot think. Thank about all the wrong steps you took in 2018 and how not to go back to your vomit. Think about how to elevate your life to the next level. Nobody can think for you I repeat nobody can think for you. Ideas a best driven by those who generated them.
After thinking analyse don’t just jump into any an everything analyse everything you hear. Analyse every plan, every data, every I formation that get to you. Don’t do anything that is not logical.
Clearly map out your strategy, how you want to do it and when you want to do it. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. The difference between a successful business and a child’s play work is planning

3. Nobody Loves Throwing Money At You
Trust me it’s the truth nobody like throwing money somewhere is it’s not yelling the desired result. Don’t expect anyone to keeping handing money to you and be smiling while doing it. You’re just a burden they don’t know how to get rid of yet. Work for you own stop famzing stop follow follow stop partying around when you have bills to pay. You gay to learn this file your dad’s money ain’t yours work for your own.

4. Stop Hating
“He’s just a snub” “she’s just a snub” but you never even follow am talk yet, so how did yu know he’s a snub??? Stop hating, keep a free mind it’s not expensive. Only you at war with the whole world, everybody is not in your league. Hello you’re just deceiving yourself they will put shine you and you will grow into jealousy. Don’t treat anyone for granted. Call your friends text your friends stop forming levels. The small boy today can be a billionaire tomorrow. That street girl today can be the Managing director some where. Go out meet people smile live and be happy. Move with dignity but never discriminate any entity

5. Be Grateful
For everything you have always be thankful and for those you don’t have still be thankful. Instead of making a big fuzz over the little given to you why not be thankful, use it and hope it multiplies. I saw this on a friend’s status (Eghosa) “Whoever said we should thank GOD at all times must have understood how difficult it can be”. In all things be thankful to GOD.

After the storm comes the sunshine

Have a blissful year

Apollo’s Tomorrow

A beautiful piece by an amazing spoken word artist who goes by the name Mister Yaga. His piece speaks about the troubles he faces, the situation that surrounds a youth like himself in a destitute nation like Nigeria. He talks about the struggles to say true and not give into the request of society.

What is the Future/Tomorrow for Apollo

To listen click here

To download click here


Hey Guys, it’s been a while here is how to make up for those times

There is power in your choice. Don’t get bullied to submitting to another man’s opinion. Stand your ground and defend what you believe.



It’s Been 20

The years rolled by my eyes

Just like a snap I was already in tomorrow

Before I could rest I could already see the sun rise

Rise above me no more pills to swallow

Indeed it’s been some awesome time

The ups and downs made the ride most fun

The hustle everyday just to be second to none

The faces around when I had not a dime

Grateful are the hands that write this

Blessed are the eyes that beholds this

Thankful is the kid that thought of this

Graced is the man who made this

I hope you do have an awesome day

Be Good

When was the last time you told someone how good they are? How beautiful they are? How well they have done their job? When was the last time you actually complimented someone?

The simple “well done” you say to someone goes a long way to makes that person want to do more. Anytime anyone steps up to show appreciation the world becomes a even better place. Encourage other, lifting their spirit reduces hatred, depression and negative competition.

Some of us ourselves are searching for encouragement a little inspiration. Waiting for that someone to just come around and say something wonderful to us. So also there is someone out there who needs encouragement so step up carry the message of love around.

Whenever you meet anybody try to see the good in that person first. Compliment good behavior, nice looks, smart outfits, neat work. Don’t be a buzz killer, lighten the day for someone.

“Don’t expect to receive form anyone something you don’t give to others”

AyDe – Salama

Adamu Amos “AyDe” is 400 level Economics student of Landmark University. He is an Abuja based performing artist (rapper). He start performing in 2007 and in 2015 he took his music official. AyDe is a pride to d north, successfully merging his academics and make such career.

He is a rapper with the voice of the stree. He uses music as a window to express himself to the world. This one is titled Salama Featuring Lucid.

Listen & Download Salama.