We all have 24 hours yet some are rich and others are poor
What you do with your time determines whether you sleep sound on white sheets or on the floor with no sheets


It’s Been 20

The years rolled by my eyes

Just like a snap I was already in tomorrow

Before I could rest I could already see the sun rise

Rise above me no more pills to swallow

Indeed it’s been some awesome time

The ups and downs made the ride most fun

The hustle everyday just to be second to none

The faces around when I had not a dime

Grateful are the hands that write this

Blessed are the eyes that beholds this

Thankful is the kid that thought of this

Graced is the man who made this

I hope you do have an awesome day

Be Good

When was the last time you told someone how good they are? How beautiful they are? How well they have done their job? When was the last time you actually complimented someone?

The simple “well done” you say to someone goes a long way to makes that person want to do more. Anytime anyone steps up to show appreciation the world becomes a even better place. Encourage other, lifting their spirit reduces hatred, depression and negative competition.

Some of us ourselves are searching for encouragement a little inspiration. Waiting for that someone to just come around and say something wonderful to us. So also there is someone out there who needs encouragement so step up carry the message of love around.

Whenever you meet anybody try to see the good in that person first. Compliment good behavior, nice looks, smart outfits, neat work. Don’t be a buzz killer, lighten the day for someone.

“Don’t expect to receive form anyone something you don’t give to others”

AyDe – Salama

Adamu Amos “AyDe” is 400 level Economics student of Landmark University. He is an Abuja based performing artist (rapper). He start performing in 2007 and in 2015 he took his music official. AyDe is a pride to d north, successfully merging his academics and make such career.

He is a rapper with the voice of the stree. He uses music as a window to express himself to the world. This one is titled Salama Featuring Lucid.

Listen & Download Salama.

The Blessings of Failure

If you are getting set for that ‘big’ opening that big breakthrough, not to burst your bubble but get set to fail. Get set to be turned down. This may sound very wired but you have to prepare yourself for failure.

Failure is not really a bad thing it only depends on how you take it. Anytime you fail set back and think how do I come back to be better? How do I get back to the top? What did I do wrong? How do I correct it. If you understand this trust me if you can understand this there’s no failure you would ever face that would weigh you down.
Learn form your failure.

Failure audio….#anticipate

Always And Forever

Wow! Episode 13 had me almost in tears. The Mikaelsons finally at peace with themselves and the world. Until the very last second of this episode I was expecting a saviour to show up and fix things for them and stop their death. Then I realized they didn’t need anyone to save them to rescue them form their darkness, they rescued themselves.

Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah, Marcel, Kol, Freya, and Hope all at peace. Although it took the death of Elijah and Klaus for that to happen. Klaus had to die to destroy the greatest evil they’ve ever faced as a family. Elijah had to go because his missionhad be accomplished; see Klaus redeemed.

It’s the best happily ever after, Marcel and Rebekah they now have each other forever.

It this the end of always and forever???

Welcome To August

Every new beginning comes with fears and doubt but remember you are built to face and overcome all of this fears.

There’s a road ahead you leading to endless possibilities but it also has it difficulties

August is here it’s no longer that next month you’re hoping to see August is here now. Make the most of it every single day. If you’ve never done anything right you can start from today. Yes! Today not tomorrow, start today to chase your goals. Determine from today not to give up till you attain that great hight that your soaring to.

Happy New Month
Welcome to August