We all have 24 hours yet some are rich and others are poor
What you do with your time determines whether you sleep sound on white sheets or on the floor with no sheets



When I’m gone, will my story be told to the little lads and Lassies, will it be sung in lullabies, of the one who love a billion women but never got loved too?
Will the tales be of my endless rapport with the women who sucked from my pool of emotions? those with whom I shared beds, nights, meals but not my love.
Will the folklore be on my sojourn on this vast lands, my hopes and dreams of a better life, one filled with hope, and love for my dear who never came to be?
Please tell my children I tried to love, tell them they have step mothers not because I was promiscuous but, because I was on the pursuit of happiness and I died without it.

Johnniey Bassciey

A Flawed God

Hey guys it’s been a while…There one for ya by moi

I’m a man but I’ve got a heart. There’s a pain coming from inside my chest that I can’t understand. I thought my heart was made for blood pumping so let me why it’s habouring this feeling. Please tell me why it’s hurts so bad from the inside, cause I’ve tried logical reasoning but no answer is coming to my head.
I’m a man, built myself to look strong in the outside, but I’ve gat a soft beating red bumping red inside of me. I act tough to cover my weakness, to protect the vulnerable me. I smile to mask the sadness pain and agony inside me. I don’t even know myself anymore cause when the mask falls off, I’m sure I won’t be able to recognize the real me.
Now I can’t tell if my smiles are real or just another skilled deceit. I can’t tell if my feelings are true on not. I can’t even understand the message of my heart to my head.
I’m a man, a flawed god.


Things Woman Don’t Want To See Men Wear by Ukuli

Basically, most guys put on some outfits and feel they look cool. Yes! You may look cool and dope but as a guy, most of the things we put on are generally to impress women and if what we wear doesn’t really create a good impression to them, why do we dress then?

So, today we’ll be looking at a few things that a man would put on and when a woman sees him she goes “what the hell”

Guyyyy, no woman wants to move around with a guy that his pants are dropping from his waistline. As a man, you’d have to create a very good impression and most women don’t value the idea of a man’s trouser falling from the waistline. Most importantly, you’re no gentleman if your pants are not on your waist.
FLASHY COLOURS Firstly, you’re a gentleman, not a clown. Doesn’t the concept of mixing so many colours together bother you? Just go with simple primary colours that don’t cause confusion and feel comfortable. Don’t …read more

People Are Just People

Don’t slander, judge or praise a tribe just because of the actions of a single member of the tribe. If someone from a particular race offends you or do something stupid that doesn’t mean they’re all the same

Don’t slander a any sex just because someone broke your heart. A man played you doesn’t mean all mean are wicked. A woman tricked you doesn’t mean all women are devious.

Don’t slander any religion because it’s member carried out a “terrorist” attack. I’m a Christian yeah but I respect the fact fact that we all have different views. Instead of causing all of them why not just go down on your knees and pray for them.

Don’t slander a sex, religion, country, etc.. based on the actions of one person
If someone is good, then he/she is good not his race, religion or sex
And if someone is bad then he/she is just bad not his race, religion or sex.

People are just People #ThinkSmart

Excess Love

Excess Love by Mercy Chinwo

Indeed Jesus loves us too much come to think of the air in your nostrils, protection and preservation that He gives you. These are the things that always come to my mind each time I listen to this song. Everything about the song is consuming, the lyrics are simple but real

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